Sermon Videos

Gathered Here is a collection of the sermons given recently at Celina first. You can also go over to our Vimeo Page and view many more. 

This video is from our September Deeper Service

We are launching a new ministry arm here at Celina First called Life Groups. When you have an opportunity you should listen to both sermons as they explain the why and the how of what Life Groups will look like at Celina First.

Stand alone summer sermons

Due to technical difficulties we do not have the first two sermons in the Colossians series recorded.

This message was a stand alone reflecting on what Pastor Craig felt like God was showing him.

The Road to Resurrection is a series aimed at looking at Jesus’ final words to his disciples.

Open Handed Living In A White Knuckle World

In this two week series Pastor Tyler looks at the topic of Fool’s Gold.

This sermon comes from our first ever Deeper Service

A sermon series on the Book of Ruth. The first sermon in this series is missing due to tech. issues.

In this sermon Conference Director, Dr. Earl Mills, offers an invitation to begin the new year

Our Advent Sermon Series

In our series out of the Darkness we examined the difficult issues of Depression, Addiction, and Grief and also rested in the fact that Jesus is the ultimate light to lead us out of all darkness.

Below is our 9 week series on the book of Philippians


In this week we looked at the idea of Sabbath and talked about how Christians can reclaim this gift from God. 

This summer we walked through several different Psalms. You can watch them below.

A Reflection from Proverbs 3 on Father's Day

Live Like Youre Dying...Because You Are (Topics include: Parenting, Church, Faith, Marriage, and Money)

This Easter we saw that by his resurrection Jesus put death in his grave along with many other things that seek to destroy our life. 

In this Book of Acts series we walk through the early formation of the Church and see what we can learn from their example


Discipleship Jesus Way is a series in which we look at what it means to be, "Cross Carriers" 

In our new sermon series, "Finding Freedom: The Book of Galatians." we will walk through Paul's letter and see how the Gospel has always meant freedom for those who believe. 

In the Just Jesus sermon series we examine the very words of Christ and see what they mean for us today.

Walking Through the Psalms

The Book of Jonah

Complete Surrender: Let God Work


Good Friday and Easter 2017